Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Ladies of Heiress

I can't believe how much fun I had doing this was my first one to date where it was a fully "styled" session,

complete with hair, makeup and wardrobe. Hair was compliments of "the" girls, makeup was done by Jenna's FAB sister, and

the clothing was all courtesy of Heiress boutique. I'm telling you; from now on, I am going to try and convince ALL my female

clients to spend the extra time to get professionally done up....what a difference it makes when you step in front of the

camera! I also had my "mentor" Eric Simard come along with me... along with a full studio lighting setup. He took all indoor

pics with his studio lights, while I stuck to "au natural" lighting. You can check out some of his work
href=""> here
. For those of you reading this who

are have GOT to check out this gem of a place; located on Front St, Penticton (where else)?! Heiress Salon &

Boutique has the most modern, edgy and fabulous stylists.....Jenn, Sarah, Shea , owner Lindsay and front desk manager Jenna

make such a wonderful team of girls to spend a few hours with. The front of the salon is set up as a gorgeous little boutique

with a high end selection of clothing, jewellery and handbags.....the kind of things you won't be finding anywhere else in town.

I had such a fantastic time with all of definately wasn't a difficult job as you are all GORGEOUS, and move like pros in

front of the camera; thank you SO much Linds for trusting me to get this right; I hope you love the pics as much as I do!


Sharelle said...

WOW!!! I don't even know what to say. Great shoot.

Brandi said...

Fabulous Michele!!!

ddphotography said...

ummmm awesomeness!!!!!

Michele said...

Thanks was so much fun working with so many stylish girls; I'm hoping they'll call me again next time!

Chantelle Turgeon said...

Simply amazing!!!!! You talent is endless and very inspirational!!!!! Great work!

Becks said...

Wow! They are so great!

Brooke Bowland said...

beautiful! these are did a rockin' job...i know they are going to be thrilled with them.
now if only we could find girls this natural all the time...

Crystal Lane Photography said...

UNREAL! You really nailed this shoot. I'm in love with all of the photos and the women are so beautiful. They must be so happy with these. Great job Michele.