Monday, April 14, 2008

My 1st Trash the Dress

Just to clear things up....

" it's about creation, not destruction." This is what they'll tell you if you check out the actual trash the dress website at Typically, these sessions are done after the wedding so that you can relax, and focus on getting some amazing, relaxed and FUN images instead of worrying about getting a tear in your dress...these can also be done with the groom which is a great opportunity for some "steamy" pics!

This was the very first session I've had a chance to do ( I HIGHLY suggest all of my future brides include this as part of their package)! I shot with Brooke, my "teacher" Eric and our model was the fabulous, up-for-anything Lindsay. The elements that day were not working in our favour....we had a full outing with Lind's toddler in tow (who was an angel)! Brooke carting around her massive belly (it's really not that big, but I know it feels like it)! and to top it all off it was SNOWING! ( The 1st pic proves it)! Regardless of all these obstacles, we managed to pull off quite a few my opinion, at least.... gorgeous images!

I hope you enjoy them! Michele

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Indigo Six said...

love the snow in the first shot. i had not seen that one yet! TTD was way too much fun...i think my fav to date!