Thursday, April 24, 2008

A girl and her boy.

First off I'd like to give warning that there may not be many posts of subjects other than Nevaeh for the next week or so....I have sessions booked, but since the lovely April-snow won't stop falling; we just have to be patient and wait. So, instead of taking a blogger-break I'll just be practicing on our Little Miss in order to keep you entertained!

These few are from Nevaeh's "man's" house the other's normally a love-hate relationship between these two,but it had been a lonnng time since their last "date"; it was all love today for these two (which meant Si's very preggo Mummy could actually lay back and relax! It's also Si's Birthday today, so there are an extra few shots of him for "Mum" to check out!

Enjoy the pics of this future couple, I'm sure:)

1 comment:

Indigo Six said...

look at the size of that woman! ha.
thank you for the pics of big boy! Love them of sure to include those on the disk. I LOVE the storyboard...gosh they are cute together!