Friday, May 23, 2008

New Friends

Well, these kiddos couldn't have looked more different if they'd tried, but they still had a tonne in common......soaking up the sun, splashing in the ocean and digging in the sand. I just adore the contrast of their skintones, their hair, even their size (they're all about the same age). I took these after a shoot Nevaeh was a part of for one of my fave children's stores in Victoria called "Scallywags"... the little boy Noah and gorgeous Olivia were the other "models". I wish it were this easy to make friends as adults.....I don't think I'd be strippin down in the first hour after meetin new friends!!! Anyways, make sure to check out Scallywags if you're in town for a visit...they're right downtown on Fort st. and have truly beautiful stuff.....

Thanks again to Scallywags and the photographers of Bullock & Kirstein for making it all happen...I 'll make sure to post links to all the fabulous shots I'm sure the took that day!


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Anonymous said...

I love these pictures....they look so free and just happy. Oh to be like that again. I love the one of the two of them digging in the hole. Hope you don't mind, I put the link up my facebook page with your website address.