Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Blossoms have Arrived!!!

So after all the snow, hail and late-April snowstorms, spring has finally arrived. I always thought winter felt long, but it definately feels longer when you have a 2 year old wanting to run outside, and new camera equipment calling your name! The blossoms aren't quite out at our orchard just yet, so we took a drive and found one that suited us both just fine....the Miss had heaps of dandelions to pick, and I had a gorgeous setting and happy little girl that just wanted to play. We're going to re-shoot this since it was high-noon, very tricky be on the lookout in the next week for some (hopefully amazing) new "sunset" shots of Nevaeh, her girlfriends and a few beautiful white dresses. For anyone who's up for some blossom shots, they're only around for a short time, so please contact me if you'd like a session:)

Enjoy the sunshine!

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