Thursday, September 17, 2009

Greg + Adrienne:: After Session

After many late nights of trying to get blogger to accept my images, I've finally lucked out - here is part two of Adrienne and

Greg's wedding photos. This "after" session was actually done the day after the wedding. I called up Brooke as I was leaving the

reception the night before and asked her...well, actually I INFORMED her that she would be coming along with me. I

mean....come ON! Look at these two! And can you believe that Adrienne has never been in front of a camera before?! She was so

stunning and such a natural. I really could have shot them all night ( as you can see from the last two photos taken in the headlights....we didn't have a

clue as to what we were doing but played around anyhow)! I had hoped to take them out to an observatory where there were

HUGE white satellite dishes, but alas.......there was a bull. A BIG bull. And he just was NOT going to allow us to pass by him. If

it had of been just Brooke and I out there...well, perhaps I would have come up with a plan. But I had a tiny suspicion that our

two models weren't really up for a running of the bulls....

Thank you both for trusting us and putting up with all our crazy shows in the images just how relaxed

you both were!




brooke bowland said...

HOT. that is what these two are. love these. LOVE!

Michele said...

THANK YOU for your comments B....this was my fave session so far...the couple of course was amazing, but the light, the colours and the locations were all perfect. I'm proud of this one:)