Friday, September 4, 2009

Adrienne & Greg: Sneak Peek

So here it is you two! A very small peek. but a peek at that! I've been a bad blogger lately, waiting for the reveal of my fancy new

blog ( next week, hopefully)!

I had a super-duper fantastic time at this wedding....fabulous couple with great chemistry and they are obviously smitten with

each other, even after 7 years:) Thanks again for having me be a part of the day; it was one of my faves to date....and Adrienne,

you were STUNNING!!!!

Stay tuned for many, many more....

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Cali said...

WOW!!!!! I'm am a friend of Adrienne's so naturally I am a bit biased, but this picture is stunning!!! The soft natural light and background is perfect for the natural but sophisticated beauty of these two. They are classy and sexy and yet fit in with a field of wildflowers because love is timeless (that sounds a bit cheesy but it's true! They belong in a bridal magazine!). I can only imagine what the rest of the pictures must be like, but Michele you have captured a gorgeous moment in a new beginning. I feel like I have to get engaged now and get you on my speed-dial! Yay love! Absolutely lovely.