Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lindsay:: Belly

Lucky, lucky me:) I had such a fantastic time photographing the gorgeous Lindsay of Heiress Salon & Boutique. Not only does

she have a fabulous personality, she's got kickin' style and is up for whatever we ask of her! Everything seemed to come

together....the sun was shining, Linds was still preggo, and Baby Eve was a doll, letting us drag her around on the shoot:)

Thanks again to Brooke for coming...it's always more fun

working together:)

Hope you love 'em Linds!



Brooke Bowland said...

yumma yumma. whats not to love?

we are so lucky to photograph her!

CC said...

I love the pics and I love her maternity clothes. Where did she get those 2 pretty dresses? I have been looking for nice mat clothes on Ebay and anywhere else in the Okanagan that sells them but find everything is so drab and boring (or Im too tall for everything) lol.
Beautiful pic's Michele. She looks like she's ready to pop, I love it.